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posted Dec 23, 2016, 8:21 AM by Don Bosco Development Society   [ updated Dec 23, 2016, 8:21 AM ]
Mumbai – December 2016:
The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) has been working on the food security act of India; article 21 and 47 to ensure that adequate food is made available to every family – this has been one of the core activities of the organization. As an ongoing movement on fighting food rights of people; DBDS managed to get ration cards for 30 poor families from the slums of city of Mumbai.

The official distribution of these ration cards was held in the Don Bosco Provincial House building in Matunga. Mr. Belote (Ration Officer) and Mr. Sonewane (Asst. Ration Officer) from 31-E Ration Office were the Chief Guests for the program. Addressing the gathering, Fr. Rolvin D’Mello (Executive Director, DBDS) stressed on building partnerships between public and ration office. Food being the basic need should be accessible to everyone in adequate quantity.

All the families which had received their ration card were present. Mr. Belote and Mr. Sonewane praised the works of DBDS and extended their full co-operation on the people’s struggle for food security to every family. Ladies who received their ration card expressed their happiness and thankfulness to the ration officers and DBDS for their continuous support.

Witnessing the paradigm shift in the approach towards development works in all the Don Bosco organizations; from charity model to right’s based approach – this becomes a very powerful success story that needs to be taken note of and for promoting the right’s based approach.