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posted Oct 6, 2018, 3:19 AM by Don Bosco Development Society   [ updated Oct 6, 2018, 3:20 AM ]
“Cooking Made Easy” by VAN AMERIGEN FOUNDATION in remote Ahmednagar

6-October-2018, Ahmednagar (Maharashtra): The rural biogas project has started on full swing in the remote villages of Ahmednagar. This project is supported by VAN AMERIGEN FOUNDATION. Under this project 30 poorest families from the villages will be benefited by the Biogas unit.

The project staff conducted a scientific survey to study the economic conditions of families in villages in association with the Gram Panchayat (Local self-Administration office of villages) and then selected 30 families. Mrs Chaaya Balasaheb Ukirde is one of the beneficiaries of this Biogas project and the biogas unit is being built for her free of cost. The construction started in July 2018 with the identification of biogas unit site close to the kitchen in the house.

The construction material such as bricks, cement, red sand, pipes, stove etc were purchased by the project staff and delivered at the construction site before the construction started. The mason explained the design and other specification to the family of Mrs Chaaya. She and her husband provided their labour as their contribution to the construction of Biogas unit project.

It took 45 days to complete the entire construction. After the construction, the biogas chamber was filled with cow-dung and left for few days to produce Methane and other the gases. Mrs Chaaya and her family was trained by the project staff in the operation and maintenance of biogas unit. Today she is a proud owner of a biogas unit in her home. It has helped her to get rid of the drudgery of using firewood and cow dung cakes which was harmful to her eyes, lungs and health in general. She is enjoying cooking and heating water on biogas stove and has said good bye to the traditional chullah (stove).

When Fr George D’abreo (Project Director) made visit to the home of Mrs Chaaya to monitor the progress, she expressed her joy saying, “This stove is very good for me, I save time and efforts during cooking, and it saves money and is good for my family’s health. My family is very thankful to VAN AMERIGEN FOUNDATION for providing this biogas unit to me.”

Fr George mentioned that at present, around 15 biogas units are being constructed in the proposed villages. He also expressed his special thanks to VAN AMERIGEN FOUNDATION for its support and especially to Mr Clarence for his constant support in this project.