Impact Feature #7

Mumbai, 15-Aug-2019: It was a great moment of joy for the Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS); when Mr Francesco, Mr Claudio and Ms Francesca (members of Auxilium India Association) inaugurated the Sanitary Napkin manufacturing unit of Sukanya Self-Help Group (SHG) in Wadala. Fr Rolvin D’Mello and other DBDS staff were also present during this program. The Sukanya SHG has received several trainings over a period of last few years – as part of Don Bosco Plus project supported by Auxilium India Association (Seregno, Italy)

Origin of the Idea:

Sukanya SHG was formed by the encouragement given by late Mrs. Ranjana Gangurde (former DBDS Staff) and was later groomed by Mr Sunil Pandre (Staff-DBDS) in day to day management of the affairs of SHG.

Role of DBDS:

Under the women empowerment programme, the DBDS staff encouraged and enrolled the Sukanya SHG members in ‘Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Skill’ training programme provided by Bombay Municipal Corporation. The SHG members underwent one-month long training and learnt the entire business process. After completing the training, they approached DBDS to help them in setting up business. DBDS helped them in the process of getting the machine, tools and other equipment.

Business Model:

The Sukanya SHG members decided to start business in the Rajiv Gandhi Nagar slum area in Wadala as this area was familiar to them. They conducted the feasibility study and found that there was no Sanitary Napkin manufacturing unit in the area. They have worked on the entire production process, promotion, marketing and selling of sanitary napkins. They plan to leverage on the SHG model and market the product with the help of other SHG women who will sell the product by visiting house to house. This way them will also promote health and hygiene awareness and also sell the product at a competitive price.

Future Plans:

Their immediate plan is to streamline the production, distribution and selling activities. They plan to employ women on commission basis and start making profit after reaching the breakeven point.