Mrs Nirmala Sandeep Jadhav is a resident of Vishrantwadi. She is a homemaker and has a son. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law are elderly and her sister-in-law is also disabled. She underwent the beauty parlor training organized by DBDS. The training was imparted at Siddhi Beauty Parlor. She completed the 45 days training course given by instructors - Mrs. Sunanda and Mrs. Megha. Occasionally, our staff members Mrs. Lina, Mrs. Priya, and Mr. Chavhan visited to monitor the progress of the training. After the training, exams were conducted. After that a beauty parlor kit was given free during the Women’s day celebrations. Sharing her success, Mrs Nirmala said, “DBDS and my family showed confidence in me, and the result is that I rented a shop and started my own parlor named ‘Skin Care Beauty Parlor’. My life has changed. I can financially support my family. For that, I am very grateful to AXA GBS  from the bottom of my heart”.

Mrs Sukanya Dattatray Thorat is a resident of Gandhi Nagar, Yerwada. Her husband is a rickshaw driver and has two young children. As the children are young so she cannot go to work. She undertook the 45 Days free beauty parlour course organized by DBDS at Sharvi Beauty Parlour. DBDS staff members Mrs. Priya, Mrs. Lina, and Mr. Chavhan regularly monitored the progress of the course. After completing the course she received Beauty Parlour Kit from AXA GBS. She has started her own beauty parlour. She is grateful to AXA GBS for the training and the kit which helped her in earning supplementary income for her family.

Ms Sai Ambadas Aurgi is a resident of  Jayprakash Nagar, Yerwada. Her family consist of two brothers, mother and father. Her father works in housekeeping. She attended the financial literacy session organized by DBDS on 12th January 2024. In the session she learnt about savings, investment and insurance. The resource person covered topics such as SB Account, Recurring deposit (RD) and Fixed Deposits, Monthly Income Scheme(MIS), Senior Citizen Scheme (SCS), Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Saving Certificate (NSC), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana, Ponzy schemes, Digital Frauds and Precautions etc

After attending the session she opened her saving account in a  bank. She deposits the income earned from taking tuition classes in the bank account. She is thankful to AXA GBS for supporting the financial literacy programme which has greatly improved her knowledge about various saving and investment schemes. 

Mrs Asha Baban Khankal is a resident of  Lakshmi Nagar slum in Yerwada. She has two children; a son and a daughter. Her son is the sole bread winner in family. He works in a private company. The income of the family is insufficient to take care of all their needs so they live by compromising on many essential needs also. Mrs Asha couldn’t afford to buy a hearing machine for herself and thus continued to suffer. Due to her hearing disability she couldn’t find work for herself. People in her family and neighbourhood also avoided talking to her. She is a member of SHG promoted by DBDS. In one of the meeting she asked our social worker for help. She was registered as a beneficiary. In December 2023, she underwent hearing test in DBDS during the AXA CSR week celebration. After completing the hearing assessment test she was given a hearing machine free of cost. She is very happy as she is able to communicate with everyone now. Expressing her gratitude she said, “I have regained hope and sincerely thank AXA GBS for giving me hearing machine free of cost.”

Ms Vaishali Madhukar Ingavale is a resident of Mother Teresa Nagar slum in Yerwada. She resides with her brother who is a T.B patient. The financial condition is family is weak. Ms Vaishali is physically challenged and face severe challenged in her mobility. Often she is confined to the boundaries of her room.  She was given a Wheelchair during the AXA CR week in December 2023. She is now able to go out of her house and mix with people. She is very happy and thankful to AXA GBS for gives wheelchair free of cost.

Mr. Dharmdas Ravalkar is 37 year old resident of Bhat Nagar, Yerwada. He is a specially-abled individual. Bereft of parental support, he found himself navigating a harsh world with no one to lean on. Financial struggles compounded his woes, casting a shadow over his existence. He was given a Tri-cycle during the AXA CR Week program in December 2023. 

With newfound mobility and determination, Mr Dharmdas embarked on a journey of self-sufficiency and started selling stationery on her tri-cycle. With gratitude in his heart, he acknowledges the pivotal role played by Don Bosco Development Society and AXA GBS in empowering him to carve his path to success.

Mrs Laxmi Ramchandra Akade is a 70 year old widow resident of Khadi Machine slum in Chinchwad. Her family consists of her son Mata, Daughter-in- law Savita and four grandchildren.

Her son is the sole breadwinner in the family who works as a domestic help. One of her granddaughter is physically challenged who was given a wheel chair during the AXA CR Week programme in 2019.  

Laxmi suffered from the gradual loss of her vision due to cataract. Her world became increasingly shrouded in darkness, making even the simplest tasks a struggle. She underwent free eye check-up in a camp organized by DBDS under the aegis of ‘Women Empowerment Project’ supported by AXA Business Services. She was diagnosed to be suffering from Cataract. She was advised to undergo surgery at the H.V Desai Hospital.  

Our social workers liaisoned with the H.V Desai Hospital medical staff and ensured cataract surgery free of cost. On the appointed day Mrs Laxmi went to the hospital where she was examined for her preparedness to undergo surgery. All her tests were normal. She underwent surgery of one eye.  

The surgery was a success. She was overwhelmed with gratitude towards the Don Bosco Development Society and AXA GBS whose generosity had bestowed upon her the precious gift of sight.

Mrs Kamrunisa Rajebhai Hannure is a resident of Tadiwala Road slum. She works as Tailor and her husband drives a rickshaw. She attended the Legal Training Program organized by DBDS on October 23, 2023. Advocate Yasmin was the resource person. In the session she informed about the rights and laws for women in the constitution, as well as issues such as domestic violence, harassment at the workplace, and cybercrimes.

After the program Mrs Kamrunisa discussed about the problem her brother was facing. Her sister- in-law was not staying with her brother. Adv Yasmin guided her and sent a notice to her sister- in- law. She counseled both families appropriately. As a result, the household issues were resolved, and her sister in law came back to my brother again, relieving a significant problem in my life.

Mrs Kamrunisa expressed, “Due to DBDS, the Advocate took reduced fees for us and helped us. Such programs are very helpful for ordinary people like us. I am very grateful to the DBDS for organizing this program in our neighborhood and request them to organize such programs repeatedly”.

Mrs. Vaishali Barathe is a 42-year-old resident of Netaji Nagar, Yerwada. She is a housewife, married to an Insurance and Post Scheme Advisor, and has two sons, one employed in a private job and the other attending college. She attended the Legal Literacy Training Program organized by the Don Bosco Development Society in Koregaon Park in February 2024. 

During the program, she sought guidance from the advocate who was conducting the training. The advocate generously counselled her on her legal problem, enlightening her about women's constitutional and fundamental rights. Mrs. Barathe was shocked to discover that her name and rights had been removed from her father's property by her brothers. With the advocate's assistance, she took legal action against her brother and successfully reclaimed her property rights.

Expressing her gratitude, Mrs. Barathe acknowledges the significant impact of the training program on her life and confidence. She emphasizes the importance of legal knowledge in combating injustice and avoiding exploitation due to ignorance of legal provisions.

Ms Sonal Suresh Ladge is a resident of  Subhash Nagar slum. She lives with her mother and brother. She attended the Legal Literacy session organized on 7th Fenruary 2024 in Subhash Nagar slum. Advocate Vinayak Dolas was the resource person. He covered following topics:

Labour Laws

Protection of Women’s from Domestic Violence Act 2005

Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act – 1956 

Dowry Prohibition Act – 1961 sec 498 A 

The Criminal law amendment act 2014

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012

Empowered and emboldened by the session's teachings, Sonal reached out to Advocate Dolas afterward, sharing her familial concerns regarding the domestic violence experienced by her. 

Adv Dolas helped her by sending legal notice to her in-laws and counselling them on the legal repercussions. Adv Dolas also gave discount on his fee. She is now staying with her in-laws. 

Mrs Manda Simon Amolik is a resident of Private Road slum in Pune city.  Her family consists of her husband and two children, a son and a daughter. Her husband works as a driver, supporting the family. In July 2023 she attended the free health camp that was organized by DBDS in Tadivala Road. 

The staff from the Don Bosco Development Society went door-to-door, informing residents about the health camp and encouraging them to participate. When they approached Manda, she initially hesitated, citing her household chores. However, upon learning about the importance of regular health check-ups, she decided to prioritize her well-being and joined the camp.

During the check-up, doctors discovered that Manda had high blood pressure and diabetes, conditions she was unaware of. The sudden revelation left her anxious, but the doctors reassured her, providing medication and advising her on lifestyle changes to manage her conditions.

Though initially hesitant to undergo the check-up, Manda realized the significance of the camp, especially considering her fragile financial situation. The free health camp organized by the Don Bosco Development Society proved to be a blessing for Manda and others in her community, providing them with essential medical care and guidance to lead healthier lives.

Mrs Moharbai Baliram Shinde is a 63 year old resident of Phule Nagar slum in Chinchwad. Other members in her family include her son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She is a member of Ramai SHG. Her husband used to earn Rs 500 per day working in construction industry. Two years ago her husband fell ill and upon medical examination he was diagnosed with Cancer. He underwent treatment which cured the cancer but made him weak and unfit to work in construction industry. The couple had little saving which was kept in the saving bank account earning 4% interest annually.

She attended the Financial Literacy session in July 2023 where she learnt about various saving, investment and insurance schemes. In the session she also got information on the Mahila Samman Savings Certificate  (MSSC).

Mahila Samman Savings Certificate scheme is a small savings scheme backed by the government. Hence, it does not have any credit risk. The maturity period of the Mahila Samman Savings Certificate account is two years. Recognizing the potential for stable returns, she decided to take the plunge and invest their savings in the scheme.

Mrs Moharbai invested Rs 50,000/- in Mahila Samman Savings Certificate which gives a fixed interest of Rs 7.5% per annum. This is a better decision than keeping money in saving account.  

It was a decision fueled by hope and determination, a small step towards securing a brighter tomorrow for her family. She is grateful to AXA GBS for providing organizing financial literacy session and providing free investment advice. 

Mrs. Mumtaz Manare is a fifty years old resident of Phule Nagar slum in Chinchwad. Her family consist of her husband Aslam, son Yashik and daughter in law Simran. 

Mrs. Manare harbored a habit of chewing tobacco, gutka, and beetle nuts. It was a vice that gave her solace amidst the harsh realities of poverty and hardship. As the years passed, Mrs. Manare began to notice the gradual deterioration of her gums and teeth, accompanied by a persistent ache in her jaws with increasing intensity. She kept ignoring the deteriorating health condition. But when the pain became unbearable she went to a private hospital, where a series of medical tests revealed that cancerous tissues had taken root within her fragile jaws. 

She consulted many hospitals such as Lokmanya Hospital, Indrayani Hospital etc for treatment. The cost of treatment ranged to 2.5 lacs and another 1 lac for plastic surgery. She had spent about Rs 50,000/- in the initial screening of cancer and now didn’t had money for further treatment.  

Mrs Manare’s sister Shehnaz met our social worker while she was on her monitoring visit in the slum. Shehnaz briefed our social worker about the condition of her sister and asked for help. Mrs Manare attended the Oral Cancer check-up camp organized by Don Bosco Development Society. She was examined by Dr Ram Patil and Dr Anuja Krishna. The doctors informed her about the treatment process and the possible complications that may arise during the course of treatment. The doctors agreed to provide treatment free of cost on completion of certain documentation. 

She was given appointment for treatment in Surya Hospital but the surgery couldn’t be done because of her low level of HB. After few days she underwent surgery of her jaws and tongue. There after she visited the doctors every week for follow–up treatment.  After one month she underwent 22 Chemo Therapy sessions to prevent the further formation of Cancerous tissues. She has fully recovered and is leading a normal life. She vowed to never touch the toxic habit of chewing tobacco products that had brought her to the brink of oblivion.

Mrs Rama Lakhan Gajdhane is a 29 year old resident of Ajanta Nagar slum. Her Husband Mr Lakhan Gajdhane earns about Rs 12000 per month. Her two children go to a nearby school. Mrs Rama would do household work and sometimes sewing work from home. 

Mrs. Rama had always harbored a deep passion for sewing and tailoring from a young age. However, due to her family's financial constraints, she couldn't pursue formal education in this field. She would do basic stitching of cloths but not garment as she didn't knew cutting and designing of garments.

In December 2023, she attended the 45 days Tailoring Skills and Fashion Designing course. In this course she learn the designing and stitching of Salwar Kurta, Patyala dress, Pant, Skirt, Blouse, Frock etc and also skills like interlocking, Pico etc.

She is now running her small business from her home and also teaching young girls from her slum community. She takes a fee of Rs 1000 per student.  She teaches them the fundamentals of sewing and guides them through the intricacies of garment making.

She is grateful to AXA GBS for making a tangible difference in her life. 

Mrs Timappa Saida Kadargi is a resident of Ajantanagar slum in Chinchwad. Her family consists of her son, Daughter-in -law and two grandchildren.

Due to her old age she began to experience blur vision. She underwent free eye check-up in a camp organized by DBDS under the aegis of ‘Women Empowerment Project’ supported by AXA Business Services. She was diagnosed to be suffering from Cataract. She was advised to undergo surgery at the H.V Desai Hospital.  

Our social worker liaisoned with the H.V Desai Hospital medical staff and ensured cataract surgery free of cost. On the appointed day Mrs Timappa went to the hospital where she was examined for her preparedness to undergo surgery. All her tests were normal. She underwent surgery of one eye.  

The surgery was a success. For the first time in years, she beheld the world with newfound clarity. She is grateful to AXA GBS for their generosity and helping in the surgery and treatment. She will soon undergo the surgery of second eye.

Nilesh Bhimrao Kasbe is a 40 year old resident of Vidya Nagar slum. His wife Rupali is 32 year old is 10th Std pass and works as housemaid in nearby housing society. His daughter Pranjali is 10 year old and is a student of 5th Std in a nearby school.

Nilesh is residing in the slum for the last 30 years.  His wife, Rupali is a member of Jai Bhavani SHG promoted by DBDS. Nilesh met with an accident in 2006 when he used to work as Crane Operator. This accident damaged his eyes and eyesight which forced him to change his job. He became helper in the company and later he worked wherever and whatever job he got. During the COVID-19 lockdown in the city, he remained jobless. He went into depression and anxiety and remained at home without any work. His wife started working as housemaid in the nearby societies to run the household. 

Nilesh attended the free Eye Check-up camp organized by DBDS in November 2023. The doctors from Isha Netralaya examined and he was advised to come for an intensive eye examination in the hospital. He went to the hospital next day and he was diagnosed with Amblyopia. Amblyopia is an eye condition that affects the ability to see clearly out of both eyes. Amblyopia causes blurry vision. As the brain ignores the weaker eye, that eye drifts out of position. Wearing glasses can correct refraction errors that cause amblyopia. He was advised to wear glasses but he didn’t had money to buy glasses. During the follow-up process, our social worker went to meet him in his home. The social worker counseled him and his wife for completing the treatment. It took many sessions to finally convince him to visit the doctor again. Finally in February 2024, he went to Isha Netralaya for check-up. DBDS helped him by paying for his spectacles. Today he is working in housekeeping services and is grateful to AXA GBS for free eye check-up and providing the spectacles.  

Mrs. Seema Vijay Lagat is a 31-year-old widow resident of Dutta Nagar. She lost her husband in an accident 3 years ago. After her husband’s demise she came back to her parent’s home. She has a 13 year old son. She is a member of Sai SHG promoted by DBDS. 

She attended the Breast and Cervical screening camp and underwent the human papillomavirus (HPV) test to detect the presence of human papillomavirus. The test report revealed infection in her Uterus. After knowing about the infection she was engulfed by shame and apprehension. She avoided seeking medical attention, hoping the problem would vanish on its own. One day she met our social worker on the street and shared about her infection. Our social worker counseled her and persuaded her to consult Dr. Smita Joshi. She went to Dr. Smita’s clinical where she underwent thorough examination.  Dr. Smita started the treatment which was initially difficult for Mrs Seema. She is still undergoing the treatment and is in the process of reclaiming her health and vitality.

She is grateful to AXA GBS for providing free medical check-up and counseling in the treatment of HPV warts.        

Ujjwala Sanjay Aarne is a 41 year old resident of Ajanta Nagar slum. Her husband Sanjay is 45 year old and works as an informal labourer. She has two sons, Rupesh and Namdeo. The household income is about Rs 12000 per month.

Ujjwala is a member of Savli SHG promoted by DBDS. Ujjwala was experiencing abdominal pain during the menstruation. She attended the Breast and Cervical screening camp on 22nd February 2024. She underwent the human papillomavirus (HPV) test to detect the presence of human papillomavirus, a virus that can lead to the development of genital warts, abnormal cervical cells or cervical cancer. Her report came after 15 days and she was identified as HPV positive. She was advised for counseling but she never went for counseling. During the home visit our social worker came to know that Ujjwala is reluctant to see the doctor. Our social worker counseled her on taking treatment as delaying treatment may allow the infection to progress unchecked, potentially causing long-term complications. 

Finally she went to see Dr Smita Joshi on 23.03.2024 in her clinic. Dr Joshi explained and counseled on the treatment. She provided guidance on managing HPV and offered treatment options. She was given medicine for 15 days. She completed the first course of treatment and is still continuing the treatment.   

She is grateful to AXA GBS for providing free medical check-up and counseling in the treatment of HPV warts.       

Mrs Priya Ajay Janarav is a resident of Lakshmi Nagar slum in Yerwada. Her husband works in a private office. They have a son and a daughter who go to school, and their in-laws are elderly. Mrs Priya attended the health awareness session organized by DBDS on November 3, 2023. The staff of Don Bosco went door-to-door informing women about it. This session was crucial as it discussed a very important topic, namely, cervical cancer. The resource person explained what cancer is, how it develops, what stages it progresses through, and what treatments are available in a language that would be understandable to ordinary women like Priya. After hearing all this, Priya also realized that she should consult a doctor about her own problem, as she often experiences pain after her menstrual cycle. After attending this session, Priya had some doubts, so she discussed it with the resource person who advised her to consult a doctor. She promptly underwent the examination without delaying. However, it turned out that the cause of her abdominal pain was not due to fibroids in her uterus, and there was no need for surgery. It could be managed with medication. Hearing this relieved her worries, and she followed the treatment prescribed by the doctors. Now, her abdominal pain has stopped, and her menstrual cycle has become normal.

Thanks to the health session organized by DBDS, Priya was able to find relief from her problem. She is very grateful to AXA GBS and requests that such informative sessions be organized again and again in their locality.

Mrs Sangita Yuvaraj Salve is a resident of Bhayya Wadi in Tadivala Road. Her family consist of her husband and two children. Her husband works for a private company.

She attended the health awareness session organized by DBDS on August 8, 2024 in Tadiwala Road slum. The staff from DBDS went from door-to-door, inviting women to attend the program. When they approached Sangita's home, she and her neighbours were informed about the session tailored for women, prompting them to join. The doctors provided valuable guidance on health, emphasizing the importance of women taking responsibility for their well-being. Encouraged by the session, Sangita prioritized daily exercise, timely meals, and consuming nutritious foods like grains and dairy. During the session, Sangita realized the importance of timely meals, as she often experienced dizziness and fatigue while walking. Thanks to the insights gained from the Don Bosco Development Society's session, Sangita visited the clinic, where she received a diagnosis for her condition, high blood pressure. She was prescribed medication to manage it effectively. Sangita credits the Don Bosco Development Society and AXA GBS for their informative session, which led her to prioritize her health and seek timely medical attention for her condition.